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Advancement through knowledge .......

....... Knowledge through unique (way of) research


26 years of intensive and interdisciplinary studies, 22 years of practical experience, but in particular 75 months of comprehensive research, with alone 60 month unique way of research in the area of nutrition, food supplements, living conditions and lifestyle  have given us never before possible insights in and findings about the human organism.

Insights in the real biochemical processes, which so far have not been explored in this way and manner and therefore have not been recognized.  Findings on the interplay of different active substances, about the negative as well as positive effect depending on the constellation, on the (fundamental) laws of the organism, about the factors that are of fundamental importance for the correct functioning of all processes in the body, starting with the digestion process, and so on ……........

On base of this unique research findings, sustainable health, ideal weight and mental strength & balance are no longer just a desire, but become reality, and also give us youthfulness  .......


....... and this in a perfectly simple, but above all also natural way!


Someone can open the door, but you have to go through it yourself



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